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Prayer Of Deliverance From Secular Humanism

[Based on Psalm 83]

O God, do not keep silent. We long to hear You make your voice heard in America. We live is days of rebellion when those who despise Your Son have raised their head in defiance against all the principles that have made us an enduring people. They are crafting plans to destroy our Republic and to remove all symbols of Christ from public life. They hate Jesus and all who honor His name and give Him praise. If they had their way, Christianity would be wiped off the face of the earth and all believers in Jesus would be banned from participating in government. Father, we are surrounded by unbelievers. They have managed to  get control of our public education, our courts and most of our civic and governmental agencies. They all have one thing in common: get the name of Jesus removed from the public debate. These people do not want Jesus praised; they don’t even want Him mentioned. If they had they way, they would take everything that believers have and leave us homeless and at their mercy. Fill them with shame Father. Enable them to see the folly of their ways. Turn them from their hate and let them see Jesus as He really is: a wonderful Savior and the LORD of both heaven and earth. In the magnificent name of Jesus we pray. Amen!

Praise To An Awesome God

[Based on Psalm 76]

God–You are awesome! What are weapons of mass destruction compared to You? They are nothing! Before You, they are like straw in a storm. You wink at our weapons. Our missiles are no threat to You. Our shields are no protection from You. You are the Awesome One. You are more majestic than the mountains and more glorious than the noon day sun. God, you are awesome. What are Your foes in comparison to You? They are nothing, they are life chaff in the wind. Who can stand before You in judgment? What nation or army can oppose you. Human opposition would only enhance Your power and make us look worse than fools. O Lord God almighty, we lift up an offering of praise–YOU ARE AN AWESOME GOD! You are the One who has no rivals and You deserve I praise and worship. In the sweet name of Jesus we pray. Amen!

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Praise For The Day Of The LORD

[Based on Isaiah 25]

O Jehovah, the Eternal One–We honor and praise your name for You are the object of our worship. You are the worker of wonders and the eternal planner. All things will work together for our good and Your glory. Strong and mighty nations will someday declare Your glory. Strong nations will bow in fear, acknowledging you sovereignty. But to those of us who willingly bow now, You are a refuge and a shelter from the storm. When the rains of the ruthless fall, You will be our shelter. When the heat of our oppressors is bearing down on us, You will be our refreshing cloud that gives us a cool reprieve. In the end, you will swallow death and Your light will dispel all the shadows of death that have haunted us day and night. You will wipe away every tear from our face. You will vindicate us in a days time. We will be shouting, “This is our God–We trusted in Him and He has saved us”. Let us rejoice Father is the return of Your Son. In the high and holy name of our majestic Messiah, we pray. Amen!

Prayer of Confession

[Based on Psalm 73]

Father, You know all things, you understand all things, you control all things because you created all things both visible and invisible. Everything belongs to You. You created all things through and for the LORD Jesus Christ and everything will come back to Him. Father, You know that we are but dust; our frailty is obvious even to us. We stumble daily and struggle is a way of life. While we try hard to live upright, we watch the wicked be praised in their prosperity. They are recognized while we are ignored. They don’t give You any praise; they don’t confess You or acknowledge You in any way. They act as if You don’t exist. We confess Holy Father that we are sometimes envious of the unbelieving world. How could they be so successful and not give You the time of day. But when we are alone with you or caught up in a service of worship, we realize that they are living in peril; they are sitting on a slippery rock and their doom could come at any time and in an instant. Father, forgive us for being envious. We ask you to bless our enemies. We pray that none would perish but that all would come to repentance. We have heaven to look forward to but they have nothing beyond their present pleasure. We have the unconditional love of Jesus, they have smoke and mirrors. Everything they have worked far with disappear like a phantom. LORD, our flesh and our strength fail us but You are the strength of our life and our inheritance forever. Hallelujah, what a Savior. Amen!

Praise For Messiah

[Based on Psalm 72]

Jesus Our Faithful High Priest

Blessed be the Great I AM, the eternal One, the object of our praise and worship who alone does wondrous things and has blessed us with all spiritual blessing through His Son, Jesus the Messiah and Lord. We praise the Lord Jesus as the defender of the defenceless, the helper of the helpless, the Seeker of the lost and the Savior of the sinner. The Lord Jesus is our righteousness and our peace. He is our joy and our salvation. He is our hope and our defence. He is the King before which all kings will bow. All nations will bow to Him and all creatures will confess that He is Lord. He is worthy praise for He delivers the needy, He strengthens the weak, He redeems the oppressed and He saves all who trust Him from a violent hell. He prays continually for us and blesses us all day long. He leads us in the paths of righteousness and He delivers us from the evil one. He blesses all men and all nations with His generous favor and He is to be blessed forever for God has given Him a name which is above all names. Blessed be Jesus our Lord and Messiah. Amen!

A Prayer Of Benediction

[Hebrews 13:20-21]

Now may the God of peace, who brought up from the dead the great Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the  eternal covenant, even Jesus our Lord, equip you in every good thing to do His will, working in us that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.


Prayer of Distress…Make Haste O God

[Based on Psalm 70, Author Unknown]

Make haste, O God, my soul to bless! My help and my deliverer art Thou;

Make haste for I am in deep distress, my case is urgent; help me now.

Make haste O God, For I am poor and low; and Satan mocks my tears;  

O God in mercy, be not slow, but save me from my fears.

Make haste O God, and hear my cries; then with the souls who seek your face,

and those who Thy great salvation prize, I’ll join to magnify Your Grace.

Saint Richard’s Prayer

Thanks be to you, our Lord Jesus Christ,
for all the benefits which you have given us,
for all the pains and insults which you have borne for us.
Most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
may we know you more clearly,
love you more dearly,
and follow you more nearly,
day by day.

David Prayer of Distress

Based on Psalm 69

King David

O God, you are my Sovereign and my Savior, the object of my worship and devotion. You are exceedingly good and infinitely kind and you listen to all my prayers because of your great mercy. O God, I feel like a drowning man, sinking is a sea of chaos and hate. I have more enemies than I can count and people hate me that don’t even know me; some hate me because I love You. I am treated like a stranger or foreigner; like someone who does not fit in or belong. In the midst of my grief and distress, I cry out to You because I know that You love me. Don’t let me drown in this mirk and mire of gossip, slander, insult and lies. I can stand erect, I can take their insults if only You will stand with me. I covet your presence more than I do their praise. Someday God, the entire earth is going to praise You. Everyone is going to acknowledge that You are God. I know that you are going to save Your people and give us an inheritance that is eternal. I know that one day You will gather all those that love You and we will be together in heaven. Amen!

Prayer Seeking Enablement To Do God’s Will

Thomas á Kempis(1380-1471)

Thomas a’ Kempis

Grant me Thy grace, most merciful Jesus, that it may be with me, and work in me, and persevere with me, even unto the end. Grant that I may ever desire and wish whatsoever is most pleasing and dear unto Thee. Let Thy will be mine, and let my will alway follow Thine, and entirely accord with it. May I choose and reject whatsoever Thou dost; yea, let it be impossible for me to choose or reject except according to Thy will.  Grant that I may die to all worldly things, and for Thy sake love to be despised and unknown in this world. Grant unto me, above all things that I can desire, to rest in Thee, and that in Thee my heart may be at peace. Thou art the true peace of the heart, Thou alone its rest; apart from Thee all things are hard and unquiet. In Thee alone, the supreme and eternal God, I will lay me down in peace and take my rest. Amen.

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