Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

Father, we wait quietly before You because You are God. Everything we need comes from You. You are the solid rock that we stand on, the breath of our souls and the wind beneath our wings. As long as we live in this sin cursed world and these bodies of clay, we will be under attack. Sometimes we feel like a broken down wall or a tottering fence that is about to fall. Our fear of failure is constant and the pressure to conform to this world is relentless. Our enemy is never at rest and he does not fight fair. He nor his servants have any code of conduct; their end [our destruction] justifies their means. So LORD we wait before You because You are our only hope of salvation–we do not have a plan B. Victory and power belong to You–Salvation is Your gracious gift. There are no big problems or little problems with you because You have no problems. There are no important people and unimportant people with You. If we put the entire human race on the scales, they would be as vapor, nothing but a puff of wind compared to You. Men who think they are something because they have claimed great possessions are fools. They have made wealth their god and a pitiful god it is. LORD our trust is in YOU! Thank You for Your unconditional love expressed and available in Christ. Wow, what a wonderful Savior is Jesus Our LORD; He has taken our sins away. In His perfect and holy name we pray. Amen!


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