Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Prayer of Adoration, Thanksgiving And Praise

Jesus prayingFather I love You for hearing me. It blows my mind that You listen to my prayers. To think that You would bend down and listen, to pay attention to me is so hard for me to grasp. Yet the incarnation is proof that You have done this very thing: the Infinite Eternal One coming to earth, speaking with us face to face, helping us, weeping with us, listening to our pleas and then taking all our sin and shame within His own person and dying for us at Calvary: Wow! What incredible love. Father, I am not that strong of faith but You know that  I will always call to You whenever I need help. When I feel the cords of death encircyling me, I will pray to You. When the grave is closing in on me; I will pray to You. When I am worried and afraid; I will pray to You. In Jesus name, I will pray to You–Save me from my sin, my anxiety and my wretched self. Lord You are good, merciful and kind. You take care of helpless people. I was without help, and he saved me. You are the only One who can speak to my soul and say “relax!”  Lord you are caring, you saved us from our sins. You wept with Mary and Martha at the tomb of Lazarus. Lord you have proven time and again that You care; help me to care for others the way You have cared for me. I continue to believe in You and trust You even though I fail miserably. I do know that a part from your grace, I would be totally ruined. Father there are times when we feel that You are the only One we can trust and in many areas that is true: only You can forgive our sin and save us for heaven. Lord the least I can do is be faithful; please grant me the grace to be a faithful servant. Father, the bible says that Your servants are dear to You; even in physical death, they are precious to You. Father that thought makes me feel grateful. I am wonderfully blessed that You love me. Thank You Father. I will stand before the congregation and give praise to Your holy name. I will praise you in public. Thank You Father. O how I love Jesus and my greatest desire is to love Him more. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!
[This prayer is based on Psalm 116 and the ERV, 12/12/12]

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving…Erwin Lutzer

Father, I thank You that I am in Your presence being heard and received. I thank You that the Most Holy Place that was so inaccessible in Old Testament times is now open to me, and that I can enter by the blood of Jesus. I rejoice that even as I sorrow over my sin—however dark and regrettable it is—that You and I can meet for fellowship and reconciliation. Through Jesus I am made acceptable; through Him my sin is cleansed, and fellowship with You is restored. Teach me to enjoy Your presence.
Now, Lord, I pray for my lost friends, that they might know that if they come to You by way of Christ, they shall be welcomed and received, forgiven and set free. Cause them to see that the path has been cleared, and that they do not have to be Your permanent enemy. Help them to know that You don’t have Your back toward them, but rather You’re there with arms outstretched to welcome them into Your presence. May they know that the issue is not the greatness of their sin, but rather the great value of the Blood that was shed for them. Bring deliverance and hope into their hearts.

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