Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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The Hebrews Prayer

[Hebrews 13:20-21]

jesus-face-clothedI praise YOU Father as the God of peace who by grace gives us every good thing we need so that we can do what pleases You. I praise thee Father for raising Jesus from the dead and for accepting His precious blood as payment for our sins. I pray Father that you continue to work through Jesus Christ Your beloved Son to do the things that PLEASE You. To HIM be glory forever. Amen!

Prayer For Rulers [Psalm 94]

woman prayingLORD, You are God and we bow to no other. We know that You are holy and that You will judge all sin and transgression. We know that You are longsuffering and merciful and that is for our sakes but we are weary of the wicked, tired of tyrants who rule us instead of serve us. They are haughty and arrogant: they have no fear of You or accountability to You. They think that you do no see the evil they do or hear the arrogant words they speak. Our leaders glorify things that are an abomination to You. They laud same-sex marriage and promote the murder of the innocent unborn. They have taken good laws and perverted them, twisting them to suit their evil ways. LORD we know that You are holy and you do not aid and abet crooked judges–those who make laws that hurt and injure other people like Roe V. Wade. The scripture say that “You will not be allied to a throne that is evil”. The things that our leaders are doing are not inspired by YOU! You have never commanded the sacrifice of innocent babies. Father we know that the days of the wicked are numbered. We know that their diabolical kingdom will not stand. Like Hitler, Stalin and all the tyrants they have proceeded them, they will disappear like a puff of smoke. Even so Father, we pray for justice to return to our land, integrity to the courts and truth to our class rooms. We pray for America to repent of its sins, to acknowledge that You are God and that the unborn are persons made in Your image. Father our survival depends on REVIVAL and YOU and YOU alone can send revival. We may not deserve it but we are in desperate need of it. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!
Human Life is Sacred

Human Life is Sacred

Prayer of Repentance and Contrition

LORD God almighty, we know that you have the power to save–You are not impotent. We know that you can hear us when we pray. Our problem is not that  you cannot hear or save us; our problem is our sin. We growl like an angry bear and moan like a sick dove but we are our own worse enemy. It is our sins that have separated us. Our hands are covered with the blood of the innocent unborn. We not only tell lies, we teach them in our class rooms of higher education. We have become totally untrustworthy, we cannot be trusted. We create chaos, we produce pain, we hatch evil, run to evil and do evil. Our sin is causing massive destruction to our culture and country but we don’t seem to care. We are destroying the future of our children and our children’s children. We do not know the way of peace and we refuse to acknowledge it’s Prince. Justice stands at a distance–truth has fallen like a soldier in battle–Goodness is not recognized or appreciated. We hope for light but all we see is more darkness. Our own sins testify against us. We know we are guilty and we know that we have sinned. The only plea that we can make is for MERCY. LORD God have mercy on us; forgive our sins and heal our land. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Prayer of Praise {Isaiah 40}

Father we worship You as the Creator, Sustainer and Energizer of all things. You are the Eternal; the uncreated One who has no beginning and no end. You glory never diminishes while our glory fades like a bouquet of flowers. Our words are but wind and our strength is no more than a blade of grass but Your word will stand forever. You sent John to prepare the way for Your Son and our Savior. John made the road straight and he filled in the valleys. Jesus came to us revealing Your glory. He was here for everyone to see. He came in humility but also in power. He was the good shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. We have good news to tell Father but we don’t tell it. Instead of being focused on Your Son we tend to focus on our selves. Instead of looking at His power; we look at our problems. God You are awesome: you measured the oceans in the palm of your hand. You set the mountains on scales as if they were a bag of grain. Compared to you…All the nations in the world combined are merely a drop in the bucket. The earth is huge to us but to you it is a speck of dust. What or who can we compare You to Father? You are incomparable. How can we imagine You? You are unimaginable. We can’t take your picture and any image we make will fall infinitely short of who You are. You created the stars and you call them by name; You direct their paths and not one is lost. You created all, You sustain all, you energize all and you are over all. You do not grow tired or weary; You never quit or lay down on the job. You give strength to those of us who are weary. Sometimes we are so tired that making the next step is a struggle but when we wait before you in humble faith, You give us new strength. You empower us to run like a young men and soar like an Eagles. Renew our strength today. Give us the energy to serve you with enthusiasm and the desire to share the good news about Jesus with others.
He made the Stars and calls them by name

He made the Stars and calls them by name

Morning Prayer

[Isaiah 33:2-3]

LORD, be kind to us. We wait patiently for Your help. Give us strength every morning. Deliver us from the temptation and trouble we face. Your word has planted fear in our hearts: we do not want to go against Your will. Your power causes nations to crumble and fall, so who are we to oppose YOU.  You have first claim on our lives: be it unto us according to your will.
Mary looking up to Jesus

Mary looking up to Jesus

Hallelujah: A Prayer Of Praise

[Based on Revelation 19]

We praise You Father because all glory, honor, power and salvation belong to YOU! All your judgments are true, right and just. YOU will bring down the world system that operates like a prostitute by corrupting everything that it touches with lust. We praise YOU that one day You will separate us from all those who hate and despise Christ. We long for the day when you bring all of us together who love and adore YOUR SON. We praise YOU  God for all those who honor the name of Christ, those who humbly obey His commands and share His good news. We praise YOU that there is none beside You and none above You: You are the LORD God omnipotent, the almighty, the all-powerful One. Father You are greater than any problem and more powerful than sin itself. We rejoice in Your omnipotence and we are happy to give You glory. All glory and praise to the LAMB that was slain, who has cleansed every sin and removed every stain. Hallelujah, You deserve the glory. We rejoice and praise You for choosing us to be the bride of Christ and for providing for us a wedding garment, the precious blood of Christ. Father, we worship and adore YOU, we lay our lives before YOU. LORD Jesus, we worship and adore YOU and lay our crowns before YOU. You are our only sovereign: we need no crown. Glorify Your name in us O KING of kings and LORD of lords.

Thanks For The Rose [Isa. 35]

Father, You and You alone can transform a desert into a garden. You can change a barren land into the plains of Sharon or the forest of Lebanon. Father you can make our weak arms strong again; You can strengthen our knees and replace our confusion with courage. Father make us strong and unafraid; open the eyes of the spiritually blind–help them see Jesus clearly as we see Him. He lived in our behalf a life that was well pleasing to You. He opened the eyes of the blind; He opened the ears of the deaf; and He made the lame to dance like a deer. He gave people hope that had no hope. He gave the mute a song of joy. He is the HOLY HIGHWAY to home and heaven. Only those who humble themselves and believe walk on this road that leads to the land of joy and gladness and it is far, far away from the land of sorrow, sadness and sin. Father, thank YOU for Jesus, our Spring in the desert, the Rose of Sharon; our Savior and Guide.
The Rose of Sharon, A wild flower, probably a Crocus.

The Rose of Sharon, A wild flower, probably a Crocus.

Prayer of Confession [Sins of the Nation]

Based on Psalm 106 and Isaiah 26

We praise You LORD! We offer thanks to YOU, the Eternal One because You are good. We praise You for Your unconditional and infinite love; a love founded on Your character and capable of overcoming our sin and shame. Father, no one can describe how great You are–no one can praise You enough. Father we have sinned just like the ancient Israelites. They did nothing that we have not done. You saved them from the powerful Pharaoh and delivered from death through the Red Sea and within three days they were complaining. They were unthankful and selfish. They made an idol our of metal that looked like an ox and bowed down to it, giving this god of gold praise that belonged to You. They refused to follow Moses into the promise land and then when they did go in, the did the opposite of what you instructed: they mixed with the pagans and began to worship their gods of wood, stone and metal. They made sacrifices to demons and even burned their children in the fires of Molech and Chemosh. They killed their innocent sons and daughters.
womb and motherFather we were given the greatest nation in history. We were founded on the principles of Your word. Our founding fathers had great respect for You but now we have taken the mention of Your name out of our history books. We have dismissed you from courts and classrooms. Where there was once prayer and bible reading in our schools, we now have violence and drugs and it is all our doing. We are sacrificing our children to the gods of academics, sports and success. Instead of teaching them to love You with all their heart, we teach them to love the world and the things that are in it and we do so by our own example. We have polluted the land with the blood of innocent babies but we know that Isaiah was inspired by Your Spirit when he said, “The day is coming when the earth will reveal the blood spilt on it. It will no longer cover the evidence of those who committed murder. Father we are swimming in a sea of sin and guilt with pride strapped on our backs, with each stroke, the weight of our pride carries us deeper. Day by day, we can feel ourselves sinking lower and lower into this cesspool of sin and rebellion. Father, our only hope is Jesus. We may not deserve revival but we need it, desperately. Have mercy on us O God and send REVIVAL and REFORMATION. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

Psalm 109…A Cry For Help

_jesus_calms_storm_christian-1My LORD God, treat me in a way that brings honor to Your name. Save me by your powerful love. I am a poor, helpless man. I am sad and my heart is broken. I feel like my life is over, fading like a shadow at sunset. I feel like a bug that someone brushed away. My knees are weak but not from prayer and fasting–my weakness is from worry and fear. LORD God help me! My enemies insult me; they accuse me and attack my character. I am tempted to defend myself but I am learning that this is not Your way. I am to die to self and bless my enemies. I do pray for those who cause strife and division; may the Holy Spirit reveal to them the nature of their deeds. I pray for those who are anti-Christ to repent and avoid the humiliation and shame that will come to all Christ haters on the day of judgment. I praise YOU LORD God as the helper of the helpless, the hope of the hopeless, and the defender of the defenseless. You are my only hope: You have saved me from sin and death. Hallelujah, what a SAVIOR! In Jesus name, I pray! Amen!

Psalm 115: Praise and Adoration

Jesus prayingFather, You should receive all the honor, all the glory and all the praise. Honor belongs to You–You are worthy of honor and praise. Your faithfulness is impeccable and Your infinite love is off the charts. Why do people worship foolish idols? Why do nations bow to gods that are not gods at all? You sit enthroned in heaven and You do as You please but the gods of this world are impotent. They didn’t create man–man created them. They have eyes but they cannot see. They have ears but they cannot hear. That have a nose but they cannot smell. They have hands carved out of wood, stone or metal but they cannot lift them. They have feet but cannot walk. They have to be moved by those who worship them–they are totally helpless. They have no life, no breath, no spirit–they are dead and inanimate. They are worthless and so are the people who worship them. Father, my faith is in You the Creator of heaven and earth. You spoke everything into existence by the power of your word. You are an awesome God. You are my shield and my salvation. You are the strength of my life. You are the giver of good gifts, the One who blesses me with all good things. Heaven is Yours and so is the earth and all that dwells upon it. The cattle on a thousand hills belong to You. The politically correct world is not singing Your praise but I am: You are my hope and my high place. I will praise You now and forever because You are worthy and worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

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