Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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A Plea For Protection


[Based on Psalm 17, Ronald Knox Bible]

And now O Father, I cry to Thee,Jesus praying on the rock
The One who always hearest me.
Turn Thine ear toward me this day,
And show me mercy LORD I pray.
I seek sanctuary in Thee alone,
I have no power, I seek no throne.
See my enemies gathered round,
Laying in wait to bring me down.
Treacherous lions who hid by day,
And prowl in the darkness to devour their prey.
LORD I am a sinner in need of a friend,
Protect me from these mortal men. 

Prayer For Perservation of The Nation

my hope with BG cropped“Sovereign Lord, you made the earth and the sky by your great power and might; nothing is too difficult for you. You have shown constant love to thousands, but you also punish people for the sins of their parents. You are a great and powerful God; you are the Lord Almighty. You make wise plans and do mighty things; you see everything that people do, and you reward them according to their actions. Long ago you performed miracles and wonders in the formation of our Republic, and you have continued to bless us for 239 years. As you blessed Israel of old and of the present,  You have also blessed other nations, especially the United States of America. You have uses these nation to make Yourself known everywhere. By means of miracles and wonders that terrified our enemies, you used your power and might to bring these nations into existence. You gave us our own land and the freedom to manage it. When we came into this land and took possession of it, we trusted You for guidance for a long time but now we do not obey your commands or live according to your teaching; we do nothing that you had ordered us to do. Now we see clearly the destruction that is coming on us. “The enemy is attacking on every front. They have taken our schools, our courts and our capital. Their numbers are so great that they appear as a vast horde. Idolatry, sexual perversion and child sacrifice are rampant while we Your people seem to be impotent and helpless. Sovereign Lord, You are our hope and our future. What ever comes will be what we deserve but we plead for mercy for we cannot stop this destruction by any power that we possess. May you get glory in the outcome and please grace us to be men of faith and courage.

[Based on Jeremiah’s prayer in chapter 32]

Prayer For New Direction

Washington prayingFather all of creation is in Your hand. You are the potter, we are the clay. You control out destiny. We live continually at Your mercy. Our situation seems hopeless. My generation seems determined to do things their way. Our worship has even been corrupted by our vain self wills. We walk according to the dictates of our own heart and our hearts are desperately sick. As a nation, we treat You as if You do not exist. We burn incense to worthless idols. We spend billions on trivial pursuits. We work tirelessly to entertain ourselves so that we don’t have time to think. We are stumbling around like a blind man in a room filled with furniture. We are devoid of any real substance. Everything is tensile and sham. We constantly clamor for more rights and greater blessings but we have not given You thanks for the blessing we have. We want more and more but we give thanks less and less. We have strayed from the beaten path that our founding fathers laid before us. We are under the illusion that we are making our own way but actually we are on the broad way that leads to destruction. We are making good time but headed in the wrong direction. Our only hope is repentance but no one wants to repent. Our pride is such that we will not even acknowledge our sins, let alone turn from them. We need Revival. Nothing less will save this wayward and wicked generation. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!
[Prayer based on Jeremiah 18]

The Servant’s Prayer

woman prayingFather, You know that I am only a servant. The only authority that I have is that which is given to me by the Lord Jesus. I can not command unless I first obey. You are the prime mover, I am the moved. You make things happen by the power of Your word and Your will. You speak and things happen. This is why You are great, infinitely great! This is why there is no one like You. You have the awesome power to deliver us from the bondage of sin. You have called us out from a world of darkness and given us a future and a hope. Father it is my desire that You be honored by my humble devotion to Your will. I have no will but Thine; Your will has become mine. You are the LORD God almighty; the great I AM, the self-existent eternal One, creator of heaven and earth. My faith and my hope is rooted in Your word. You kept every promise that you made to Abraham and to David and I have every assurance that you will keep Your promises to me. It is true that all men are liars but You are true and faithful and you will remain so throughout eternity. I thank You and I praise You for Your faithfulness.

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