Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Lord Help Us With Our Words

Lord, we would speak as You would speak if You were here on earth; we would be Your voice, speak Your words. May the Holy Spirit guard our lips, set a watch over the door of our mouth that we may speak the words of a justified heart. Lord, we know that the Pharisees spoke evil because they were evil, because a corrupt tree brings forth corrupt fruit. They were thus condemned by their own mouths. We pray, Lord, that if there are some in our midst this morning that are self-condemned by the fact that they can speak no good thing, no thing ultimately good to the advance of Your glorious Kingdom, may this be the day that they come to Christ. May they, in simple faith, open their heart, inviting Jesus Christ to come in. give them a new heart, a clean heart, and let them, out of that new heart, begin to speak the words of a justified soul, the words of a good tree, that they might manifest Your presence. Lord, even as Christians, we know that there are times when out of that fountain comes the bitter as well. Help us to seek the Spirit’s control over our speech, that when we open our mouth it might always be that which edifies each other and glorifies You, for Christ’s sake, Amen.

John MacArthur/Grace For You

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