Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Pray For The World

prayer11Father, You so loved the world that You gave Your only begotten Son. You sent Him not to condemn us but to save us from self, sin, death, hell and this evil world system which has a default sitting and that sitting is hatred for Christ. I am not praying for the evil world system that is antichrist: I am praying for the people who are being deceived by the world and its prince. I am praying for all people, every kindred and every tongue; especially the Jewish people whom the church needs desperately to get the gospel to the uttermost parts, to recognize that You sent Jesus and that He is the Messiah Savior King. I know that the world system which is orchestrated by Satan will persecute anyone who puts their faith in Christ so I pray for all believers and future believers. I pray that you will deliver us from the evil one. I pray that You would unify us, make us one like the Holy Trinity. Set us a part for Your service and sanctify us with Your word of truth. Fill us with joy unspeakable so that when persecuted, we may respond graciously with love and kindness instead of anger and resentment. I am not asking YOU to take us out of the world, although that would be easier for us but I am praying that You will take the world out of us which will make us more fitting vessels. Use us for Your glory and bring us home when our work on earth is done . In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

Prayer To Be Blessed

little girl prayingFather we covet Your blessing so that we can be a blessing to You by being a blessing to others. Please teach us, condition us to understand when we are at the end of our rope or at wits end, there is less of us but more of You. When feel the grief of loss, may we see the glory to be gained, for sorrow is a masterful teacher. When physical deaths separates us temporarily from those we love, help us convert our grief into love for others. As we grow older and experience more and more loss like hearing, sight and memory, remind us daily that our true wealth is in Christ and our future is in heaven. Father, increase our appetite for Your word; enhance our passion for worship and our love for people. Help us to love others the way we love ourselves. Abba Father, help us get the inside right and this will put the outside in proper perspective. Give us the humility to cooperate instead of compete. Grace us to rejoice when we are criticized, slandered or even persecuted. Help us overcome evil with good. Give us a sense of victory even in the midst of apparent defeat. Enable us to see the Martyrs and Saints cheering us on. Let us hear the applause of heaven give us the deep assurance that Jesus is our faithful High Priest and He is praying for us. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

Sunday Morning Prayer

Jesus prayingFather, I thank You for Your mercy and grace. I could not stand before You a part from the forgiveness I have in Christ. Death and hell are what I deserve which means forgiveness and heaven are gifts for which I am thankful. Father, I have sinned and my sin makes me weak in body and conscience. My improper behavior destroys my confidence and it does not help my witness. I am selfish and self-conscious: this hinders my prayers, my praise and everything I attempt to do. I am prone to focus on my pain, my problems, my past instead of forgetting self and taking up my cross. I feel sorry for myself, I get upset when others slander me knowing all the while they called Jesus the prince of devils. I want everyone to love me. I don’t want enemies. I want them to respond to the gospel I preach. This is the epitome of my greed, I want more than Jesus had. I get hung up on my failures which is edifying to no one. I struggle with sin but refuse to let it go. I am not comfortable with sin but afraid of dying to self. I am in a battle with my own flesh and no one can save me from myself other than You. So I cast all my problems and cares on You because I know you care for me. Crucify my self life and give me a clean heart, a new heart. May You be glorified in every thing I do or say. In the name of Jesus, my faithful and sympathetic High Priest, I pray.

Plea For Mercy From The Pit of Despair

Adullam-Cave-interior_fjenkins 090211Father I plead for mercy. I spill my guts to you day and night. I pour out all my complaints in detail. I don’t do this with humans: they don’t understand and I have serious doubts that they care but I know You care. I feel like I am sinking in a sea of despair. Everything is coming a part at the seams and nothing seems to be going my way. My spirit is ebbing away but I do realize that You know where I am, what I am facing and even what I am feeling. You know the danger that I face. My enemy relentlessly pursues me. He stays on my heels night and day like a pack of blood hounds. I am weary of being pursued. I am tired of fighting. It seems that I have a little less energy with each passing day and I don’t see and end in sight. I am hiding in my despair and it seems like a black hole, a dark dungeon, a cave in the ground. I long for light and laughter. I long to be in the company of friends. LORD You are my light and salvation. You are the shield that protects me from death and hell. You are my hope and my victory. I will not fear the dark; I will not give in to despair. You will save me from this situation has You have saved me from others and soon I will be in the light of a new day and the fellowship of those who love You.
[Based on Psalms 142, MSG]

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