Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Pray For Passion

Mary W Booth

Mary Booth

Oh, for a heart that is burdened!

Infused with a passion to pray;

Oh, for a stirring within me; 

Oh, for this power each day.

Oh, for a heart like my SAVIOUR,

Who being in agony prayed.

Such caring for others, LORD give me;

On my heart let burdens be laid.

My Father, I long for this passion,

To pour myself out for the lost–

To lay down my life to save others–

“To pray,” whatever the cost.

LORD teach me, oh teach me this secret,

I’m hungry this lesson to learn,

This passionate passion for others,

For this, Blessed Jesus, I yearn.

Father, this lesson I long for from Thee–

Oh, let Thy Spirit reveal this to me.

~Mary Warburton Booth

Send The Fire!

Booth+Tucker+1To make my weak heart strong and brave, send the fire O Lord I pray.To live in a dying world to save, send the fire. Oh, see me on Thy altar lay, my life, my all, this very day. To crown the offering now, I pray: Send the fire!


After the death of Fredrick Tucker’s first wife Louisa, he married William Booth’s daughter Emma at The Salvation Army’s Clapton Congress Hall on 10 April 1888. As with Booth’s other son-in-laws, Frederick added Emma’s surname to his own and they became ‘Booth-Tucker.’ Emma took the Indian name Raheeman.

Pray For Restoration

Praying WomanLord, You understand how prone we are to make selfish and foolish mistakes. Forgive us and restore us. Please, for Your name’s sake, use even the worst aspects of our lives for Your glory. Thank You for Your power to turn our mistakes into amazing examples of Your grace.

~Julie Ackerman Link {ODB, Jan. 6, 2015}

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