Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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A Prayer Of Hope

A prayer of David {Psalms 143}

Come quickly, LORD, answer me please, for my depression deepens and I am losing my courage; don’t turn away from me or I will dieRemind me each morning of Your constant love, for I put my trust in You. My prayers go up to You; show me the way I should go. I come to You for protection LORD, rescue me from my enemies {Self, Satan and sin}. Help me to do Your will; teach me to live a life that pleases You for it is You that I long to please.  Lead me by Your blessed Ruach {spirit} to right paths which lead to higher ground. LORD, let me live so that people will praise your name. Show me how good You are and save me from my trouble. Be good to me, and guide me to paths of righteousness. Show me Your love and give me the grace to love those who deserve it least but need it most.



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