Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

A Prayer For The President

Based on Psalm 72 {NIrV}

Father, give our president the ability to judge fairly. He is your servant, help him to do what is right. May he govern our people in the right way; may he be fair to those who are hurting. May you prosper his leadership so that we can help others. May the president stand up for those who have no voice, may he save the unborn from being slaughtered. May the president be blessed with health and long life. May his rule shine with justice like the noon day sun. May his courage refresh us like a failing rain. May he have influence throughout the world and may his enemies lick the dust. May leaders of other countries respect him. May he be an advocate for the persecuted. May all lives be special to him. May Christians everywhere pray for him. May the LORD bless him and keep him so that all nations will be blessed by him. May his name be remembered forever, may his fame last as long as the sun shines. May he honor, love and respect the King of kings.

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