Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

LORD, I Love You

Lord, I know I have failed You, misunderstood You and even misrepresented You but I love You. There have been times that I ignored You, avoided You and probably angered you…but You know I love You. Like Judas, I have betrayed You; like Peter, I have denied You…but I love You. I am the deficient one in this relationship. I am the one with faults, shortcomings, and character flaws…but You know I love You. Love covers a multitude of sin and I’m pretty sure it’s your love the scripture is referring to, but today, when You look at me, I pray that You not see all my faults and failures…I pray that my love for You might cover all of them. You restored Peter when he denied you three times. You asked him three times, “DO YOU LOVE ME?” Ask me the same question LORD. You know the answer…LORD, I love You.

~Greg Lane [My Morning Walks with God, page 115]

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