Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Hebrews Thirteen

Praying WomanMay God, who gives us peace, who raised up Jesus from the dead and who through the blood of Christ has ratified a new and everlasting covenant and has now become our Good Shepherd, may He transform us and fit us perfectly into His will. To God be praise who through Jesus Christ accomplished through us what is pleasing to our Heavenly Father. To Him be glory forever and forever. Amen!

Prayer of Praise [Ps.145]

praying hands 3I will praise YOU enthusiastically Father for YOU are my object of worship. I will have no others gods before YOU. YOU are my Sovereign, my keeper and my king and I will bless YOUR name forever. I will praise YOU even though I know that all human praise falls exceedingly short of YOUR greatness and of what YOU deserve. YOUR glory is unapproachable, YOUR power is unlimited, YOUR majesty is incomprehensible and YOUR wonders are unexplainable. YOU are magnificent, good, just, gracious, merciful, patient, rich in pity, loving, generous, and kind. In Christ Jesus YOUR Son, YOU have reached out to all creation and we YOUR servants bless YOUR name. Grace us Father to share YOUR infinite goodness expressed in Christ our LORD with a lost and dying world. Let us make known to all men, YOUR power, glory and splendor. No generation will ever arise without YOU being on the throne; no generation will live or pass without YOU being the King of kings. YOU are Yahweh, the Eternal, self-existent, unchanging One who is forever the same. YOU are true to all YOUR promises and gracious in all YOUR dealings. YOU lift up the fallen and YOU revive the weak. Father, we raise our eyes to YOU as a child looks up at their father. YOU are our provide and protector, our source and sustenance of life. YOU draw near to all those who call upon YOU with a true heart. YOU answer prayers that we lack the wisdom to articulate. YOU watch over us and deliver us from the evil one. May our lives and lips be devoted to praising YOU!
[Prayer based on Psalm 145, Ronald Knox Translation]

Prayer of Praise

A JesusFather, You are the hearer of our prayers, the lifter of our burdens, the forgiver of our sins, the maker of the mountains, the ruler of all nations, the hope of all mankind, the calmer of the seas, the giver of the rain and the fountain of real joy, and we praise Thee. In Jesus name, we praise Thee.
[I read this prayer somewhere but cannot remember the source but I liked it and wanted to share it]

The Servant’s Prayer

woman prayingFather, You know that I am only a servant. The only authority that I have is that which is given to me by the Lord Jesus. I can not command unless I first obey. You are the prime mover, I am the moved. You make things happen by the power of Your word and Your will. You speak and things happen. This is why You are great, infinitely great! This is why there is no one like You. You have the awesome power to deliver us from the bondage of sin. You have called us out from a world of darkness and given us a future and a hope. Father it is my desire that You be honored by my humble devotion to Your will. I have no will but Thine; Your will has become mine. You are the LORD God almighty; the great I AM, the self-existent eternal One, creator of heaven and earth. My faith and my hope is rooted in Your word. You kept every promise that you made to Abraham and to David and I have every assurance that you will keep Your promises to me. It is true that all men are liars but You are true and faithful and you will remain so throughout eternity. I thank You and I praise You for Your faithfulness.

“My Hope” Prayer

my hope with BG cropped
Father, I believe that many Americans and others around the world share the sentiment of Job who in despair cried out, “Where is MY HOPE, can anyone find it?” Job felt that his hope had been uprooted like a tree and I think many are inclined to agree. Father, You are the God of my eternal salvation and MY HOPE is in YOU. I take shelter in the integrity of Jesus. I do believe that He is the ultimate promise keeper and MY HOPE is in His word. I join king David in his confession of hope… “Where is MY HOPE, MY HOPE is in God. When I am discouraged and my heart is sad, I put MY HOPE in God.” Father like David of old, I wait quietly before YOU for MY HOPE is in Jesus Christ Your Son and my Savior. Jesus and Jesus alone is MY HOPE. May all who fear You join me in praising Jesus for His infinite goodness. MY HOPE Father is in Your word, Your Spirit and Your Son. Since childhood, MY HOPE has been in You and MY HOPE shall always be in You. I continue to look to YOU for salvation. Jesus Christ is the only hope for America. Have mercy on us O God and send REVIVAL. May we honor You by exalting the name of Jesus and it is in that perfect name that we pray. Amen!
[Taken from selected Psalms: 25, 39, 42, 62, 71, 119, 130]

Psalm 63 [Pray for Revival and Celebration of His love]

Father, You are God the object of my worship. My heart longs for spiritual renewal like a dry and dusty land longs for rain. O that You would manifest Your power and Your glory in our worship. I know Father that our worship comes miserably short of what You deserve. Your unconditional love [that we experience through our relationship in Christ] is better than life itself. It is hard to imagine an existence a part from Jesus love. As long as I have body, breath, and brains, I will pray to You and I will sing praises to You. I think about you before I got to sleep and night. I think about You when I awake during the night. I think about You when I rise and I know that it is not possible for me to think more of you than You think of me. That thought alone is better than a steak dinner. LORD, I want to stay as close to You as possible. I would have no objection to You taking me by the hand. I do have enemies LORD and they dream of my disgrace but I had rather focus on You than them. I know that you will vindicate all who trust in YOU. I just want to celebrate Your love and be faithful to Your call. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

No Greater Love

Prayer of Praise

English: I took photo with Canon camera.

[I Chronicles 16]

LORD You are great and worthy of praise. Let us enter Your presence with thanksgiving in our hearts for You are worthy of honor and praise. Glory and majesty surround You and power and joy dwell in Your presence. I praise You as the Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of all things. I bow before You as my eternal Sovereign. I praise Your glorious name. May I be faithful to praise You now and forever. Create in my heart a spirit of thanksgiving. Put a melody in my hear and a song of praise on my lips. Let me not be ashamed to sing Your praises. May I worship with the passion of King David who danced before You with all his might.  Grace me to worship You with zeal and passion. Let there be both celebration and awe in my worship. I know you can perform miracles and there is no big or small with You. LORD You are God and that puts You in a class all to yourself. Help me to never forget Your commandments. May I cling to Your promises. May Your presence abide with us as we go in and out: protect us LORD from the evil one. LORD God, make us faithful in proclaiming Your grace and goodness to the world. Let us be a witness to Your glory before the nations of the world.

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