Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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A Prayer For The Nation

Barack ObamaO God, what a sinful nation we have become–like a ship overloaded with cargo, we are laden with guilt to the point we are sinking. In our evil pride, we have rejected You the One who made us the most prosperous nation on earth. We are provoking You to anger by despising Your Son. We are like rebels in the street bent on rioting and destruction. Foreigners own our gas stations and motels. Muslims are building temples to allah in the shadow of our churches. Mean while, we are becoming a nation of perverts, as if we are in competition with Sodom and Gomorrah. The minority who go to church on Sunday are indifferent. Our worship is as empty as a drum and our prayers are powerless because we refuse to confess and repent. We have forsaken righteousness and perverted justice. We are destroying the very ones we should protect. Our cites are filled with crime, murder and mayhem are the rule of the day. Our leaders are rebels, our congressmen are thieves and our judges are corrupt. Instead of promoting justice, they legalize murder which has lead to the deaths of one million innocent babies per year. A holy God cannot ignore such atrocities. No one repents, church houses are half filled on Sundays and revival is a by-word. People don’t care about anything but themselves, money and their love of pleasure and comfort. We are stacking our sins around us like bales of straw not knowing which evil deed will be the spark that ignites the fire. Yet, we keep stacking, keep adding fuel to this inevitable fire. God have mercy on this sinful nation.

[Based on Isaiah 1]

Prayer For Rulers [Psalm 94]

woman prayingLORD, You are God and we bow to no other. We know that You are holy and that You will judge all sin and transgression. We know that You are longsuffering and merciful and that is for our sakes but we are weary of the wicked, tired of tyrants who rule us instead of serve us. They are haughty and arrogant: they have no fear of You or accountability to You. They think that you do no see the evil they do or hear the arrogant words they speak. Our leaders glorify things that are an abomination to You. They laud same-sex marriage and promote the murder of the innocent unborn. They have taken good laws and perverted them, twisting them to suit their evil ways. LORD we know that You are holy and you do not aid and abet crooked judges–those who make laws that hurt and injure other people like Roe V. Wade. The scripture say that “You will not be allied to a throne that is evil”. The things that our leaders are doing are not inspired by YOU! You have never commanded the sacrifice of innocent babies. Father we know that the days of the wicked are numbered. We know that their diabolical kingdom will not stand. Like Hitler, Stalin and all the tyrants they have proceeded them, they will disappear like a puff of smoke. Even so Father, we pray for justice to return to our land, integrity to the courts and truth to our class rooms. We pray for America to repent of its sins, to acknowledge that You are God and that the unborn are persons made in Your image. Father our survival depends on REVIVAL and YOU and YOU alone can send revival. We may not deserve it but we are in desperate need of it. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!
Human Life is Sacred

Human Life is Sacred

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