Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Asaph’s Prayer [Psalm 79]

Asaph+Borba+AsaphO God, we cry out to Thee for mercy. The heathens around us rage; they celebrate our demise. They speak profanity; they conspire against You and Your anointed and they despise Your people. We are mocked and made fun of by all the surrounding nations. Our country that once was a beacon of light and a safeĀ haven for the oppressed has become a promoter of violence and injustice. Liberty and justice is for the elite. Immorality is the rule of the day. No one respects Your name, Your Son, Your Sabbath or Your people. LORD God we have sinned and we deserve everything we are getting. We desperately need REVIVAL. We need it to sweep through the land like a brush fire–nothing less will do. Our morals ills are severe: we promote the wicked and persecute the righteous. We protect the guilty and murder the innocent. We have a measure of faith but it is without repentance. We have a form of godliness but it is impotent and powerless. We have worship without obedience, profession without faith and sin without sorrow. Please do not give us what we deserve. Have mercy on us O God. Send a REVIVAL to our land that unbelievers may be converted and Thy name glorified.

[Based on Asaph’s prayer in Psalm 79, adaptedĀ  9/26/13]

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