Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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A Prayer Of Hope

A prayer of David {Psalms 143}

Come quickly, LORD, answer me please, for my depression deepens and I am losing my courage; don’t turn away from me or I will dieRemind me each morning of Your constant love, for I put my trust in You. My prayers go up to You; show me the way I should go. I come to You for protection LORD, rescue me from my enemies {Self, Satan and sin}. Help me to do Your will; teach me to live a life that pleases You for it is You that I long to please.  Lead me by Your blessed Ruach {spirit} to right paths which lead to higher ground. LORD, let me live so that people will praise your name. Show me how good You are and save me from my trouble. Be good to me, and guide me to paths of righteousness. Show me Your love and give me the grace to love those who deserve it least but need it most.



Plea For Mercy From The Pit of Despair

Adullam-Cave-interior_fjenkins 090211Father I plead for mercy. I spill my guts to you day and night. I pour out all my complaints in detail. I don’t do this with humans: they don’t understand and I have serious doubts that they care but I know You care. I feel like I am sinking in a sea of despair. Everything is coming a part at the seams and nothing seems to be going my way. My spirit is ebbing away but I do realize that You know where I am, what I am facing and even what I am feeling. You know the danger that I face. My enemy relentlessly pursues me. He stays on my heels night and day like a pack of blood hounds. I am weary of being pursued. I am tired of fighting. It seems that I have a little less energy with each passing day and I don’t see and end in sight. I am hiding in my despair and it seems like a black hole, a dark dungeon, a cave in the ground. I long for light and laughter. I long to be in the company of friends. LORD You are my light and salvation. You are the shield that protects me from death and hell. You are my hope and my victory. I will not fear the dark; I will not give in to despair. You will save me from this situation has You have saved me from others and soon I will be in the light of a new day and the fellowship of those who love You.
[Based on Psalms 142, MSG]

“My Hope” Prayer

my hope with BG cropped
Father, I believe that many Americans and others around the world share the sentiment of Job who in despair cried out, “Where is MY HOPE, can anyone find it?” Job felt that his hope had been uprooted like a tree and I think many are inclined to agree. Father, You are the God of my eternal salvation and MY HOPE is in YOU. I take shelter in the integrity of Jesus. I do believe that He is the ultimate promise keeper and MY HOPE is in His word. I join king David in his confession of hope… “Where is MY HOPE, MY HOPE is in God. When I am discouraged and my heart is sad, I put MY HOPE in God.” Father like David of old, I wait quietly before YOU for MY HOPE is in Jesus Christ Your Son and my Savior. Jesus and Jesus alone is MY HOPE. May all who fear You join me in praising Jesus for His infinite goodness. MY HOPE Father is in Your word, Your Spirit and Your Son. Since childhood, MY HOPE has been in You and MY HOPE shall always be in You. I continue to look to YOU for salvation. Jesus Christ is the only hope for America. Have mercy on us O God and send REVIVAL. May we honor You by exalting the name of Jesus and it is in that perfect name that we pray. Amen!
[Taken from selected Psalms: 25, 39, 42, 62, 71, 119, 130]

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