Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Celebration Of Hope

praying hands 3LORD, I do not feel proud nor see myself as better than others. Once upon a time I had grandiose dreams about fame and success but I rarely think of such things these days. In time, You have taught me to keep my feet on the ground, to wait upon You and to be content with what I have. You have given me a spirit of calm, like a baby nursing on its mother’s breast; a feeling of satisfaction, security, warmth and love. I trust You LORD; You are MY HOPE both now and forever. In Jesus name I pray,  Amen!
                                      {Pray based on Psalm 131}

Prayer For MY HOPE and Spiritual Awakening

PrayerPoster-LargeOur Father in heaven, hollowed be Your name. You are the Creator and Sustainer of all things. You are the Almighty. You are the great I AM, the Eternal self-existent One. You have no beginning and no end, no insecurities and no limitations. You are the sovereign of all that is and You have no rivals. You can fold all of creation up like a tent: You spoke it into existence and you can speak it out. You are God and You can do as You please. No one can question You and no one can stop You. All the armies that ever marched cannot stand against You. All the weapons ever designed and armed could not touch You. You are incorruptible, untouchable, unimaginable and every living creature is at Your mercy. Father, we have sinned. We have piled one transgression upon another like bales of straw. We are storing up fuel for the day of wrath. Our selfish ways and our cruel indifference is destroying us and we don’t even understand what is going on. No nation in history has been so blessed and yet we have banned You from our classrooms and courthouses. We act at times as if You do not exist. We are eating the fruit of our rebellion; we are beginning to reap a bitter harvest of our own doing. We have no one to blame other than our selves. We are utterly depraved. We murder the unborn and call it freedom of choice. We persecute anyone who prays in Jesus name or honors Jesus in public speech. We condone sexual perversion and call it tolerance. The only sin in our culture is to call sin a sin. We are weak and worldly and we have no stomach for sacrifice. We want the good life but not the godly life. We love pleasure more than Jesus and we love money more than we love people. We prefer comfort over most anything: we do not want to move or be challenged. We have no desire to expand, explore or experience new things. We are satisfied and complacent. We don’t understand that our indifference will be our destruction. We don’t care and we don’t care that we don’t care. Our only hope lies beyond us; our only hope is Jesus. A part from Spiritual Awakening that only comes from YOU, we have no hope. Our leaders have betrayed us; we are long on politicians and short of statesmen. Not only can these elected leaders not save us, they are hastening our destruction. LORD God Almighty, have mercy on our wretched souls. Your mercy is our only hope. In name of Jesus the Perfect, we pray.

My Hope Prayer

PrayerPoster-LargeFather, I am ready in heart and soul to sing songs of praise but a good revival would help. A spiritual wake up to the soul would be refreshing. I think I have the will and the courage to do a world concert but I lack the voice and the opportunity so I will sing to You. It’s Your voice that the world needs to hear and Your faithfulness that they need to recognize. LORD, You are as faithful as the day is long and as the sky is high. My prayer is that you will manifest Your presence and power is some unique way so that this evil world system will be forced to acknowledge that You are God the Eternal One. Father our hope and our victory is in JESUS. He will reward as He sees fit on that grand and glorious day of His return. We will be whatever He decrees and we will do whatever He commands. Right now we have a job to do, a battle to be fought and we need Your help. LORD of the harvest, call more laborers into My Hope, we could use more help but our trust is not in human help. Mankind cannot save us. Only You can convict of sin. Only You can cleanse and forgive sin. Only You can transform lives and give peace, joy and victory. LORD, You are my strength, my song, my salvation and My Hope. 

{Based on Psalm 108, ERV and Knox}

Ezekiel Nine Prayer Of Repentance

my hope with BG croppedO Sovereign LORD–will your righteous indignation consume America? Some are saying that You have forsaken us. Some are praying for You to damn America for her sins. Others refuse to acknowledge You altogether, they act as if You do not exist. We know that our sins are very great. We confess that the entire country is filled with a spirit of murder and death. We continue to kill the most innocent members of our society, the unborn and no one seems to think that we will be held accountable. We have no conviction of justice and there is no fear of You in the land. We are sowing a bitter harvest and we will reap in due time. We have no one to blame other than ourselves; our twisted thinking and our rebellion against You will be our undoing. Father, You are righteous in Your judgments and just in all Your ways. Please forgive our sins and heal our land. O God we need Revival. Send a great awakening to America or else we will be crushed by our own iniquity.

Petition For Revival

Father, You are great and You are good. Glory and power belong to You. Your wisdom and wealth are infinite. The more You give, the more  You have to give. Your knowledge is complete: there is nothing that You do not know. There are no mysteries with You. You know our hearts and our motives. You are aware of every thought that goes through our mind. You have no problems, no anxieties, no insecurities and no frustrations. You create but do not duplicate. You motivate but do not manipulate. Father, You are all that we are not: we are weak but You are strong; we are frail but You are faultless; we are fearful but You are faithful. Father, the law of prayer is to ask and we ask for wisdom, we need it more than silver or gold. We are overwhelmed by our ignorance. We are like dump sheep, what do know where to go unless You lead us. Father, we are lacking in humility. We do not love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves and we have great difficulty praying for those who persecute us by saying all manor of evil against us. In our limited knowledge, we do know that all spiritual blessing come through Christ and His body the church. We know that it’s never one on one in Your kingdom. If you bless my brother then I shall be blessed for we are both members of the same body. Therefore I ask YOU for Revival. I ask You to do what only You can do, let Your Spirit move upon America. Revive the Body of Christ. This is my petition and I offer it to You in Jesus name.

“My Hope” Prayer

my hope with BG cropped
Father, I believe that many Americans and others around the world share the sentiment of Job who in despair cried out, “Where is MY HOPE, can anyone find it?” Job felt that his hope had been uprooted like a tree and I think many are inclined to agree. Father, You are the God of my eternal salvation and MY HOPE is in YOU. I take shelter in the integrity of Jesus. I do believe that He is the ultimate promise keeper and MY HOPE is in His word. I join king David in his confession of hope… “Where is MY HOPE, MY HOPE is in God. When I am discouraged and my heart is sad, I put MY HOPE in God.” Father like David of old, I wait quietly before YOU for MY HOPE is in Jesus Christ Your Son and my Savior. Jesus and Jesus alone is MY HOPE. May all who fear You join me in praising Jesus for His infinite goodness. MY HOPE Father is in Your word, Your Spirit and Your Son. Since childhood, MY HOPE has been in You and MY HOPE shall always be in You. I continue to look to YOU for salvation. Jesus Christ is the only hope for America. Have mercy on us O God and send REVIVAL. May we honor You by exalting the name of Jesus and it is in that perfect name that we pray. Amen!
[Taken from selected Psalms: 25, 39, 42, 62, 71, 119, 130]

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