Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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A Prayer For The Nation

Barack ObamaO God, what a sinful nation we have become–like a ship overloaded with cargo, we are laden with guilt to the point we are sinking. In our evil pride, we have rejected You the One who made us the most prosperous nation on earth. We are provoking You to anger by despising Your Son. We are like rebels in the street bent on rioting and destruction. Foreigners own our gas stations and motels. Muslims are building temples to allah in the shadow of our churches. Mean while, we are becoming a nation of perverts, as if we are in competition with Sodom and Gomorrah. The minority who go to church on Sunday are indifferent. Our worship is as empty as a drum and our prayers are powerless because we refuse to confess and repent. We have forsaken righteousness and perverted justice. We are destroying the very ones we should protect. Our cites are filled with crime, murder and mayhem are the rule of the day. Our leaders are rebels, our congressmen are thieves and our judges are corrupt. Instead of promoting justice, they legalize murder which has lead to the deaths of one million innocent babies per year. A holy God cannot ignore such atrocities. No one repents, church houses are half filled on Sundays and revival is a by-word. People don’t care about anything but themselves, money and their love of pleasure and comfort. We are stacking our sins around us like bales of straw not knowing which evil deed will be the spark that ignites the fire. Yet, we keep stacking, keep adding fuel to this inevitable fire. God have mercy on this sinful nation.

[Based on Isaiah 1]

Prayer For Revival

revival prayer
Humbly now, O LORD, I pray,
Send Revival here today.
All my coldness, all my sin,
All my doubting deep within;
Cleanse me LORD, wash my sin away;
Oh, send REVIVAL here today.
Humbly, LORD, I ask of Thee,
Send REVIVAL, work through me.
Empty me of self and pride,
In Your Son, I will abide.
Oh merciful God, renew me I pray,
And send REVIVAL here today.
Mrs. Charles Bell

A Prayer For The President

georgewashington-prayingHeavenly Father, You have taught us through Your Apostle to pray for all men everywhere and for our leaders both political and spiritual. We acknowledge our reluctance to pray for a man who disrespects Your word and has contempt for Your people but we confess our sin of prayerlessness may be as grave as his disregard for Your word. We pray for our president, that he could come to a knowledge of truth; that he would understand there is only one God and only one way to YOU and that is the LORD Jesus Christ the only mediator between the finite and the infinite. We pray for You to change his mind, to inspire him to want to preserve our religious freedom so we believers can worship, witness, study, minister and spend our time-serving You and others instead of fighting with the government about our inalienable rights. Father, we know that all believers need to join together in this prayer. Men and women all over America need to lift open hands to You and pray sincerely for the president. We have a tendency to lift up our fist in anger but lifting up open hands in prayer would be better. We know that man’s anger accomplishes very little. It’s Your power and only Your power that can save AMERICA. If America is to be saved, our leaders must change the way they think. Father we invoke Proverbs 21:1,  The Lord can control a king’s mind as he controls a river; he can direct it as he pleases. Please direct our president toward the right and deliver us from evil. At present, we are headed for destruction.  The kingdom belongs to You Father. Our desire is that Your rule come and that You get glory. In Jesus name we pray. Amen
{Prayer based on Paul letter to Timothy….I Timothy 2}

Prayer of Praise [Ps.145]

praying hands 3I will praise YOU enthusiastically Father for YOU are my object of worship. I will have no others gods before YOU. YOU are my Sovereign, my keeper and my king and I will bless YOUR name forever. I will praise YOU even though I know that all human praise falls exceedingly short of YOUR greatness and of what YOU deserve. YOUR glory is unapproachable, YOUR power is unlimited, YOUR majesty is incomprehensible and YOUR wonders are unexplainable. YOU are magnificent, good, just, gracious, merciful, patient, rich in pity, loving, generous, and kind. In Christ Jesus YOUR Son, YOU have reached out to all creation and we YOUR servants bless YOUR name. Grace us Father to share YOUR infinite goodness expressed in Christ our LORD with a lost and dying world. Let us make known to all men, YOUR power, glory and splendor. No generation will ever arise without YOU being on the throne; no generation will live or pass without YOU being the King of kings. YOU are Yahweh, the Eternal, self-existent, unchanging One who is forever the same. YOU are true to all YOUR promises and gracious in all YOUR dealings. YOU lift up the fallen and YOU revive the weak. Father, we raise our eyes to YOU as a child looks up at their father. YOU are our provide and protector, our source and sustenance of life. YOU draw near to all those who call upon YOU with a true heart. YOU answer prayers that we lack the wisdom to articulate. YOU watch over us and deliver us from the evil one. May our lives and lips be devoted to praising YOU!
[Prayer based on Psalm 145, Ronald Knox Translation]

Prayer For MY HOPE and Spiritual Awakening

PrayerPoster-LargeOur Father in heaven, hollowed be Your name. You are the Creator and Sustainer of all things. You are the Almighty. You are the great I AM, the Eternal self-existent One. You have no beginning and no end, no insecurities and no limitations. You are the sovereign of all that is and You have no rivals. You can fold all of creation up like a tent: You spoke it into existence and you can speak it out. You are God and You can do as You please. No one can question You and no one can stop You. All the armies that ever marched cannot stand against You. All the weapons ever designed and armed could not touch You. You are incorruptible, untouchable, unimaginable and every living creature is at Your mercy. Father, we have sinned. We have piled one transgression upon another like bales of straw. We are storing up fuel for the day of wrath. Our selfish ways and our cruel indifference is destroying us and we don’t even understand what is going on. No nation in history has been so blessed and yet we have banned You from our classrooms and courthouses. We act at times as if You do not exist. We are eating the fruit of our rebellion; we are beginning to reap a bitter harvest of our own doing. We have no one to blame other than our selves. We are utterly depraved. We murder the unborn and call it freedom of choice. We persecute anyone who prays in Jesus name or honors Jesus in public speech. We condone sexual perversion and call it tolerance. The only sin in our culture is to call sin a sin. We are weak and worldly and we have no stomach for sacrifice. We want the good life but not the godly life. We love pleasure more than Jesus and we love money more than we love people. We prefer comfort over most anything: we do not want to move or be challenged. We have no desire to expand, explore or experience new things. We are satisfied and complacent. We don’t understand that our indifference will be our destruction. We don’t care and we don’t care that we don’t care. Our only hope lies beyond us; our only hope is Jesus. A part from Spiritual Awakening that only comes from YOU, we have no hope. Our leaders have betrayed us; we are long on politicians and short of statesmen. Not only can these elected leaders not save us, they are hastening our destruction. LORD God Almighty, have mercy on our wretched souls. Your mercy is our only hope. In name of Jesus the Perfect, we pray.

My Hope Prayer

PrayerPoster-LargeFather, I am ready in heart and soul to sing songs of praise but a good revival would help. A spiritual wake up to the soul would be refreshing. I think I have the will and the courage to do a world concert but I lack the voice and the opportunity so I will sing to You. It’s Your voice that the world needs to hear and Your faithfulness that they need to recognize. LORD, You are as faithful as the day is long and as the sky is high. My prayer is that you will manifest Your presence and power is some unique way so that this evil world system will be forced to acknowledge that You are God the Eternal One. Father our hope and our victory is in JESUS. He will reward as He sees fit on that grand and glorious day of His return. We will be whatever He decrees and we will do whatever He commands. Right now we have a job to do, a battle to be fought and we need Your help. LORD of the harvest, call more laborers into My Hope, we could use more help but our trust is not in human help. Mankind cannot save us. Only You can convict of sin. Only You can cleanse and forgive sin. Only You can transform lives and give peace, joy and victory. LORD, You are my strength, my song, my salvation and My Hope. 

{Based on Psalm 108, ERV and Knox}

Psalm 63, Knox

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel

Father, honest men put their trust in Thee. Wise men boast only in Christ and His redemptive work and put no confidence in the flesh. People conspire against You and Your people. They say and do things with malicious intent to hurt the cause of Christ. They stay up late at night hatching their diabolical plans. They think that they are working in secret. They are unaware that you watch everything they do and monitor every thought they think. It does not matter how deep their thoughts of treason go, you see them like a picture on a screen. These people are filled with scorn and contempt; they are driven by anger but they do not understand what is motivating them. In their effort to accomplish their will, they do like the ancient Pharaoh and fight against Your will. Like Pharaoh of old, their foolish pride injures not only themselves but all who surround them. They offer you some of their time and money as though it was a sacrifice and it never dawns on them that what you require is not a part of their life, but their death. They don’t understand that You do not negotiate, You terminate. By the power of grace Divine, set my heart on Your will and let it be mine. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

Asaph’s Prayer [Psalm 79]

Asaph+Borba+AsaphO God, we cry out to Thee for mercy. The heathens around us rage; they celebrate our demise. They speak profanity; they conspire against You and Your anointed and they despise Your people. We are mocked and made fun of by all the surrounding nations. Our country that once was a beacon of light and a safe haven for the oppressed has become a promoter of violence and injustice. Liberty and justice is for the elite. Immorality is the rule of the day. No one respects Your name, Your Son, Your Sabbath or Your people. LORD God we have sinned and we deserve everything we are getting. We desperately need REVIVAL. We need it to sweep through the land like a brush fire–nothing less will do. Our morals ills are severe: we promote the wicked and persecute the righteous. We protect the guilty and murder the innocent. We have a measure of faith but it is without repentance. We have a form of godliness but it is impotent and powerless. We have worship without obedience, profession without faith and sin without sorrow. Please do not give us what we deserve. Have mercy on us O God. Send a REVIVAL to our land that unbelievers may be converted and Thy name glorified.

[Based on Asaph’s prayer in Psalm 79, adapted  9/26/13]

A Plea For Help And Mercy

Mercy Drops Round us Are Falling But O For The Showers We Plead.

Mercy Drops Round us Are Falling But O For The Showers We Plead.

Father forgive me for not stopping and counting my blessings. Forgive me for being presumptuous and ungrateful. Your goodness overflows this earth and yet my praise is lacking in purity and passion. Father, I do respect You; I have a dread of standing in Your presence. I know that nations rise and fall at your bidding. I know that no person or power on earth can thwart Your purpose. All earthly kingdoms will crumble in time but Your kingdom will come and Your will be done. How blessed is a nations who acknowledges You are God and that respects and worships You. LORD, no one can save us but You because we have problems which humans cannot fix. We need REVIVAL and only You can make it happen. Our only hope lies in Your mercy so patiently we wait, there is nothing else we can do. You are my strength and shield. In You and You alone, I find my contentment. LORD let Your mercy rest upon me. My confidence is in You. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

[Based on Psalm 33, Knox Translation]

Prayer For New Direction

Washington prayingFather all of creation is in Your hand. You are the potter, we are the clay. You control out destiny. We live continually at Your mercy. Our situation seems hopeless. My generation seems determined to do things their way. Our worship has even been corrupted by our vain self wills. We walk according to the dictates of our own heart and our hearts are desperately sick. As a nation, we treat You as if You do not exist. We burn incense to worthless idols. We spend billions on trivial pursuits. We work tirelessly to entertain ourselves so that we don’t have time to think. We are stumbling around like a blind man in a room filled with furniture. We are devoid of any real substance. Everything is tensile and sham. We constantly clamor for more rights and greater blessings but we have not given You thanks for the blessing we have. We want more and more but we give thanks less and less. We have strayed from the beaten path that our founding fathers laid before us. We are under the illusion that we are making our own way but actually we are on the broad way that leads to destruction. We are making good time but headed in the wrong direction. Our only hope is repentance but no one wants to repent. Our pride is such that we will not even acknowledge our sins, let alone turn from them. We need Revival. Nothing less will save this wayward and wicked generation. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!
[Prayer based on Jeremiah 18]

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