Men ought always to pray, and not to faint.

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Prayer of Praise [Ps.145]

praying hands 3I will praise YOU enthusiastically Father for YOU are my object of worship. I will have no others gods before YOU. YOU are my Sovereign, my keeper and my king and I will bless YOUR name forever. I will praise YOU even though I know that all human praise falls exceedingly short of YOUR greatness and of what YOU deserve. YOUR glory is unapproachable, YOUR power is unlimited, YOUR majesty is incomprehensible and YOUR wonders are unexplainable. YOU are magnificent, good, just, gracious, merciful, patient, rich in pity, loving, generous, and kind. In Christ Jesus YOUR Son, YOU have reached out to all creation and we YOUR servants bless YOUR name. Grace us Father to share YOUR infinite goodness expressed in Christ our LORD with a lost and dying world. Let us make known to all men, YOUR power, glory and splendor. No generation will ever arise without YOU being on the throne; no generation will live or pass without YOU being the King of kings. YOU are Yahweh, the Eternal, self-existent, unchanging One who is forever the same. YOU are true to all YOUR promises and gracious in all YOUR dealings. YOU lift up the fallen and YOU revive the weak. Father, we raise our eyes to YOU as a child looks up at their father. YOU are our provide and protector, our source and sustenance of life. YOU draw near to all those who call upon YOU with a true heart. YOU answer prayers that we lack the wisdom to articulate. YOU watch over us and deliver us from the evil one. May our lives and lips be devoted to praising YOU!
[Prayer based on Psalm 145, Ronald Knox Translation]

Ronald Knox Psalm 139

prayerAll knowing Father, I lie open to Your scrutiny. You know me as no one else knows me. You know when I sit down and when I stand up. Night or day, near or far; You can read my mind. You know all my thoughts and even before I articulate a word, You know what the word is going to be; such knowledge is more than my little mind can fathom. Father, You are my rear guard and my vanguard and you also have me flanked. Where could I go to escape Your presence, not that I want to. You are greater than Your creation; You are beyond it and You inhabit it–Wherever I go, You are there. Nothing can be hidden from You; You see through the deepest darkness and the most subtle pretense. You fashioned me in the sanctity of my Mother’s womb; You made me some complicated and complex that the brightest minds cannot comprehend my ways. You know me Father and You can help me know myself. Please reveal me to me so that I can be what pleases You and glorifies Your Son Jesus Christ.

Ronald Knox Psalm 123

Praying WomanUnto Thee O LORD I lift my eyes, unto Thee, who dwells in the heavens. As the eyes of the servant are fixed on his master, as the eyes of the maiden is fixed on the hand of her mistress, so my eyes are fixed upon Thee O LORD my God to show mercy to Thy servants. Have mercy upon us O God for we have had our fill of the world’s contempt and ridicule for Your Son and our Savior. Our hearts are sick of the scorn that the rich and famous heap upon our LORD and are weary of the mockery of the proud. We long to dwell in Your house forever.

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